Rec, Mix, Master?


Need a great recording, but want to mix it yourself?

You are welcome to book into our fantastic sounding live room and make use of our mic locker and equipment collection.
We can help you set up the room, record your music then give you the multi-tracks at the end of the session to take away and mix at your leisure.



Got a great recording, but not happy with the mix? Get your multi-tracks over to us and give them that professional mix that will get the very best out of your recordings. Our engineer is fast, experienced and uses a combination of plugins and vintage hardware within a ProTools HD environment.



You’re pleased with your recording. The mix is great too.  Yet somehow your tracks don’t sound as powerful as a professional CD? Mastering is the last step that will take your completed two-track mixes and give them that final professional sheen.
Utilising the latest techniques and our engineers experienced ear we can get your mixes sounding clear, loud, dynamic and ready for release.


Of course if you just want to turn up, play your music and leave all the technical stuff to us, then we’re ready when you are.

We can record mix and master your music to a professional standard that you will be proud to share with the world.

Get in touch with us today to get started.